A network connection is required for Bixby to function on your Samsung smartwatch. To connect your watch to a network, you can either connect it to your phone using the Galaxy Wearable app or directly to a Wi-Fi network. However, your watch will use the phone's mobile network when the devices are connected via the Galaxy Wearable app.

May 22, 2018 · Somehow my gmail email account was automatically setup on my Samsung galaxy S3. and it downloads all my email to the phone. I cannot uninstall gmail. But I want to sell my galaxy S3 how do I Why unlock your Samsung Galaxy S3 to use with a different SIM card? One possible reason is that you love your phone, but not your cellular provider because of the poor service or an unreliable connection. If you purchased a Samsung GS3 with AT&T, T-Mobile, etc. on a contract, it might be locked for a specific amount of time called the contract period. My Gear S3 Frontier stopped displaying notifications for incoming text messages. They are listed in the messaging app, but the watch does not show new text notifications any more. I have tried to go to settings in the Samsung Gear app, but under manage notifications (where you turn notifications on and off for various apps), "messages" is not May 21, 2013 · Samsung Galaxy S3: How to Setup Samsung Account Google Play Store is the most popular Android market which is used to get and download Android apps to be installed in your Android phone, including the Samsung Galaxy SIII. Jun 18, 2012 · As mentioned from my previous post, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is my 1st Android device. So, when it comes to Android, I am as new as a newbie can be. Everything from checking SMS to installing new apps seem new to me. Using this phone has become quite a learning experience but an enjoyable one as well. I’ve […] Apr 22, 2013 · darkvabel, It's been a few months since I set mine up but I believe it's under Apps, then click Gmail, it will then ask if you have an existing account or will it be a new Gmail, if it's existing click that link then sign in with your Gmail address and password like you would if checking your Gmail, done. The Galaxy S3 comes with a really useful feature called remote controls, which allows you to locate your phone from Samsung's website as well as remotely lock and erase it.

How to charge your Galaxy Tab battery. The first thing you should do with your Galaxy Tab is give it a full charge. Obey these steps: Assemble the wall adapter that came with the Tab. Attach the USB cable to the Galaxy Tab. The side of the cable end that’s labeled Samsung faces you as you’re looking at the front of the Tab.

Mar 29, 2019 · If your Samsung Galaxy S3 has wireless service through a GSM provider such as T-Mobile or AT&T, your phone will require a SIM card to be able to run on the network. The SIM card can be inserted into your phone through a slot located underneath the battery. Jun 14, 2012 · (This is part of the My Quick Start Guide for Samsung Galaxy S3 Series.) The first thing I did when I got home with my Samsung Galaxy S3 was to configure the Wi-Fi connection. It’s crucial to have a fast Internet connection before doing other tasks such as contact and app downloads. Configuring the S3 to connect to Wi-Fi is easy.

Mar 29, 2019 · How to Update the Samsung Galaxy S3. Periodically, Android will release software updates that can often improve the features and functionality of your Samsung Galaxy S3 mobile device. In most cases, software updates will be sent and

Aug 27, 2018 · Samsung Bixby voice assistant is on the new Samsung Galaxy Watch but is it any good? I'll compare Bixby to the S-voice of yesterday and do a few tests to see if it actually has improved. Do you 6 Activate your new Samsung Galaxy S10 Step 6 Activate your new Samsung Galaxy S10 From the "Phone activation" screen, tap Next . Please allow a few minutes for the activation to complete.