The official answer is that Juniper doesn't currently support VMware HTML Access using View 5.3 and Horizon 6.0. Support is expected with JunosPulse 8.1 which is tentatively scheduled to be released this month (originally expected to be released in Q3 of this year). We'll see if Juniper releases as stated or pushes back the release date yet again.

Using HTML Access - VMware separate HTML Access installer on View Connection Server instances. When you install the HTML Access component, the VMware Horizon View Connection Server (Blast-In) rule is enabled in the Windows Firewall, so that the firewall is automatically configured to allow inbound traffic to … Setup and Installation - VMware Setting up a Horizon 7 deployment for HTML Access involves installing the HTML Access component in Connection Server and allowing inbound traffic on certain TCP ports. To allow end users to use HTML Access to access published desktops and published applications, you must enable HTML Access … Download VMware Horizon (with View) - My VMware Horizon 6 View Connection Server (64-bit) File size: 171.75 MB ; File type: exe ; Read More: Download Now. Horizon 6 View Agent (32-bit) File size: 120.81 MB ; File type: exe ; HTML Access Web Portal installer; File size: 15.14 MB ; File type: exe ; Read More: Download Now. Horizon 6 View HTML Access Direct-Connection 6.1.1; File size: 2.24 Connecting to a VMware Horizon View desktop with HTML 5

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VMware Horizon view is a single page client detection website with link to HTML access gateway page. VMware Horizon is a most popular VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) that allows IT to deliver virtual or hosted desktops and applications through a single platform. VMware Horizon View and HTML access (Blast protocol

VMware View HTML Access. Back to Main VMware View Page. Note: The VMware Horizon View HTML Access is not as fast and does not have all of the features of the desktop client. It is highly recommended you install the desktop client if possible. Instructions.

そんな機能豊富なHorizonの中で、なにげに凄いと思っているのですがあまり話題に上がってこないのが、Horizon View HTML Accessを紹介します。 こいつは、単純にHorizon Client いらずで、ブラウザーを使ってシンクライアントにアクセスする機能を持っています。 Horizon View HTML Access and printers : VMwareHorizon Horizon View HTML Access and printers. Close. 3. Posted by. u/miscarriagesausage. 4 months ago. Horizon View HTML Access and printers. Hi! Is there any way to map a printer that's on local network from a virtual desktop which I'm connected by HTML? Site 1: Me (with IE/Chrome) and the printer. Task 1 – Access Horizon Desktop environment without F5 Task 1 – Access Horizon Desktop environment without F5¶ Access the Horizon Desktop using the Horizon Client on the internal network. Horizon Client points directly to a Connection Server. This step is to verify Horizon is working and BIG-IP is not in the path. (Internal use case without F5 integration) VMWare HTML Access Through a Browser (No Install Needed Aug 07, 2017