Now, all new PCs come with Windows Vista. They no longer come with XP. As many people know, Vista is a RAM hog, especially Vista Ultimate. All that means is just that it is really, really slow. Most computer people will tell you that in order to enjoy the speed of Vista, you need 2-3Gb of RAM. My XP computer was very fast with just 512Mb of RAM.

Why is firefox running so slow lately? | Firefox Support Why is FireFox so slow; I upgraded the system on my computer, so now I can download certain video upgrades. Seems to be working better now that I updated my computer. Windows 7 and Windows Vista users might also consider disabling the new protected mode in Flash 11.3, since that feature is … 11 Reasons for PC issues and tips on how to Fix Slow If your computer is older than 3 years come to terms that it is likely the age of the computer that is causing it to be slow. Computers progress at an alarming rate as new programs and updates for programs come out their minimum requirements increase and will cause older computers to slow down.

Nov 15, 2009

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Jul 08, 2020