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flask无法访问http://论坛 2017-5-4 请问端口500,5000,1900,123都是干啥用的? … 2004-7-30 Flask入门系列(一)–Hello World | 思诚之道 2015-11-30 · Web服务器会默认监听本地的5000端口,但不支持远程访问。 如果你想支持远程,需要在 run() 方法传入 host= ,想改变监听端口的话,传入 port=端口号 ,你还可以设置调试模式。

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2013-6-15 · Port Transport Protocol; 5000 : commplex-main. 5001 : commplex-link. 5002 : radio free ethernet. 5003: TCP: FileMaker Inc. - Proprietary transport. UDP: FileMaker Inc

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TCP port 5000 blocked by corporate firewalls · Issue #2431 Using TCP/5000 as the default port for flask may be a bad choice. I just had to debug a problem where I wasn't able to reach my service from outside of my network because the firewall (and I assume many firewalls do this) blocks incoming requests on port 5000. Port 5000 not open · Issue #948 · dokku/dokku · GitHub I'll put the port back to 5000 so we can be somewhat assured that the app is running on that inside of the box. I'm assuming that that should help with nginx trying to hit port 5000 on the box's IP and I'm assuming that Docker/dokku is all set up to just forward 5000 outside the box to 5000 inside the box. : Flask port 5000 blocked | DigitalOcean 2017-5-21 · ufw allow 5000/tcp Once you’ve ran each of those commands, we’ll re-enable ufw: ufw enable Make sure you allow port 22 – not allowing that port means you won’t be able to SSH in, thus you’d either be locked out (if you’re using SSH Keys) or would need to access the console (if you’re using passwords). Open port 5000 & 5001 - Cisco Community